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Cheers From Emily was founded by 10-year-old Emily Del Vecchio as a Non-Profit corporation who’s goal is to provide gifts to children with cancer. Emily felt that lengthy hospital stays are boring. There weren’t very many children’s channels on TV, and lying in bed for days on end wasn’t much fun.

During one of her stays, she mentioned that she would like a netbook. iPads© didn’t play all the games on the web, and she liked the feel of a real keyboard when typing. After receiving one, she thought that other kids would probably like to have one as well. It was then she decided that she would like to help out other kids just like her, and give them netbooks or other gifts that would make their stay in the hospital less boring too.

Sadly, Emily passed away on May 11, 2012, at the age of 10. However, her spirit and kindness will continue to live on through this foundation. We will continue to strive to bring happiness and cheer to other children, just as she did during her all too brief lifetime.

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